Water Standpipe Protection

Looking to shield your standpipe from damage during your project? DLM offers standpipe protection services that go beyond safeguarding – they guarantee year-round accessibility, so everything flows smoothly from the start of the project through to completion.

Our cost-effective protection solutions are designed to protect vulnerable water box standpipes from everyday damage.

The cost to repair a water standpipe can be significant, both financially and logistically. With DLM’s protection services, on-site repair costs are slashed by up to 90%, providing you with substantial savings.

Avoid damage and delays. Protect your water standpipes with DLM and keep your timelines on track!

Tailored to Your Project

  • No project is too big or small, from single lots to larger developments
  • DLM is dedicated to delivering standpipe protection solutions that cater to the unique needs of your project
  • Our team has expertly safeguarded thousands of standpipes

Ongoing Site Maintenance

  • Our commitment goes beyond installation
  • We maintain standpipe protection chambers and correct any damage promptly to ensure uninterrupted access
  • Standpipes are adjusted to final grade upon completion, saving you costly labour expenses

Customizable Solutions

  • Each project is unique and has its own needs
  • That’s why our protection system is customizable to meet your project’s exact specifications
  • The result is a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with your requirements

Visibility & Compliance

  • Feature a reinforced design that shields them from machinery and daily job site hazards
  • Each unit is extremely visibile and identified with its lot number
  • Guaranteed to pass final project inspections, saving you valuable time and resources

Our standpipe protection services prioritize durability and cost-effectiveness, seamlessly integrating with your project’s needs.


We’re always on call to provide additional services, making your project worry-free.

Discover the DLM difference, where precision meets reliability!