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Searching for reliable and certified parts? DLM provides the waterworks industry with a premium selection of NSF 61 & ANSI certified water meter fittings and related accessories.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive products that meet the highest industry standards.

DLM offers a comprehensive range of quality products. Enjoy free delivery anywhere in Canada for orders over $1,000 plus an additional 10% discount for orders over $2,500 and 15% discount for orders over $5,000.

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PEX Clips

Streamline your operations with our PEX clips, designed for efficient and secure pipe management.

PEX Fittings

From crimp rings and couplings to sweat, plug, and tee options, you’ll find the perfect PEX fittings.

PEX Plastic

From adaptors and couplings to elbow and tee options, our PEX plastic fittings collection has it all.


Choose from a selection of brass and chrome valves to control and regulate water flow with precision.

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Brass Fittings

Safe, durable, and dependable, our lead-free brass water meter fittings are NSF-61 certified.

Plastic Fittings

Our plastic water meter fittings include EPDM gaskets and are engineered for accuracy.


Enjoy leak-free connections with flanges crafted to withstand the rigours of water systems.


Safeguard your systems from contaminants with reliable strainers designed to maintain water purity.


Seal the deal with our resilient gaskets, crafted to withstand pressure and provide a leak-proof solution.

Bolt Kits

Enhance the structural integrity of your installations with our robust bolt kits, ensuring a secure fit every time.


From mounting brackets to meter and sealing wire, we’ve got what you need to get the job done.


We know that every project is unique. That’s why there’s no minimum order quantity.

Our personalized approach means even if a product isn’t in stock, we can swiftly source and order it for you.

Discover the DLM difference, where precision meets reliability!